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XPS Thermal Insulation

Made in Slovenia
Mechanically resistant to flooding and leaking of water
Harmless to health - possibility of 100% recycling
Easy to install
Environmentally friendly
XPS has the function of a "silent guardian of the environment" and of light insulation for difficult conditions, where high compressive strength and resistance to water absorption provide for a hassle-free installation in places with high requirements.

Biologically neutral construction material
Due to the fine structure of small, closed cells XPS is an excellent thermal insulator with exceptional mechanical properties and low moisture absorption, so it is very suitable for installation in areas with high compressive load, and where water and moisture are present:
  • thermal insulation of basements (walls, foundations, base plate)
  • thermal insulation of so called "inverted" and "plus" flat roofs, where the thermal insulation is above the waterproofing,
  • floor screeds in industrial halls and so on.
Boards with structured surfaces (wafer) can be fitted to the so-called lost formwork (pouring with concrete) and at exposed places (edge between floors, concrete corners, lintels, consoles, columns) they prevent the formation of thermal bridges. XPS is also used as an insulating core inside joinery (front doors and windows) and as core of light prefabricated walls.

Many years of use in the construction industry have shown that XPS properties do not change when properly installed, therefore, its durability exceeds the expected life of the building, in which it is installed. After the end of its life cycle it can be 100% recycled, as it is composed only of polystyrene, in its cells is only air. Biologically neutral: it has no chemical impact on natural processes, it also has no nutritional value for animals and plants.


  • resistant to high mechanical stress
  • resistant to water and humidity, even when continuously exposed
  • universal insulating material for installation in various systems of building constructions
  • excellent in extreme conditions of installation: thermal insulation of foundations, insulation under the foundation slab, buried parts of buildings, pavements in the industry, flat roofs etc.
  • low specific weight
  • easy manipulation, formatting and installation
  • possibility to create specific board formats
  • tested material - more than 60 years of successful use
  • very suitable for the manufacturing of insulating fillers (builders' joinery, residential units, containers)

Did you know?

To squeeze a plate from XPS 500 to 1/10th of its thickness, we have to load it with a weight of 50 t/m2.

Reasons to buy

  • excellent thermal insulant
  • suitable for use in harsh conditions (constant moisture and places with high compressive load
  • wide scope
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