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Year Timetable
1937 Beginning of the production of bituminous products for waterproofing (Anton Res - Factory for Roofing Felt and Asphalt Products Ljubljana)
1946 Foundation of IZOLIRKA (at , železnici 18)
1954 Beginnings of the production of Styropor at IZOLIRKA Ljubljana (two years after the invention of expanded polystyrene - EPS at BASF)
1972 Foundation of the company TIM Laško.
1977 Start of production of bituminous products in TIM Laško.
Start of production of the facade system DEMIT in Laško.
1991 In the village Metulje na Blokah the company FRAGMAT is established.
1995 FRAGMAT is renamed FRAGMAT Izolirka d.o.o.
1996 FRAGMAT Izolirka buys from the company IZOLIRKA the production facility for Styropor in .
2000 TIM Laško d.d. buys the majority of shares of the company Okipor, d.d.
2001 TIM Laško d.d. becomes owner of Izolirka (59,71%)
2004 Opening of the factory TIM IZOLIRKA Šid, (production of bituminous and Styropor products.
Start of the production of Styropor in the company FRAGMAT TEPOR Split, Croatia.
Start of the production of Styropor in the company FRAGMAT MAK, .
2005 FRAGMAT Izolirka d.o.o. bought the company TIM Laško d.d. Start of the production of Styropor in the company FRAGMAT IZOLIRKA Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
2006 Foundation of the company FRAGMAT TIM d.d.
2007 Foundation of the company DEMIT d.o.o.
2010 Purchase of the company VARPING Začretje
2011 Foundation of the company FRAGMAT CG
2012 Merger of the companies Okipor and Varping into FRAGMAT H d.o.o.
The brand FRAGMAT, a concept of quality and tradition.
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By developing new programs and new technologies we have built up a successful brand.
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We operate in accordance with the guidelines of an established and certified management system.
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We are focused on mastering regulatory requirements and reducing our impact on the environment.
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