Stirotermal Solo is a thermoformed panel with knobs, made from hard polystyrene film in a thickness of 1 mm. The shape of the knobs allows for a very firm grip of pipes in diameter of 14 to 18 mm at an interval of at least 50 mm. It is ideal for installations in renovations, where the thermal insulation has already been implemented and where the total thickness of the layers is limited. The panel can also be installed together with the thermal insulation EPS 100 or EPS SILENT T. The panels join solidly and waterproof with each other longitudinally and transversely according to the principle "knob into knob", and are suitable for installation under cement or floating screed.



  • total height: 23 mm
  • format: 1400 x 800 mm
  • foil: PS 1mm, black


  • carton box: 22,4 m2
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