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Wood wool boards

Harmless to health - possibility of 100% recycling
Easy to install
Environmentally friendly
Lightweight single - and multilayer wood-cement construction and acoustic boards 
A board of wood wool, joined with cement binder, has a very long tradition and is also today regarded as very good and reliable insulation material. It has evolved from the original single-layer board with multi-layer core of expanded polystyrene, mineral or rock wool and other materials with modern insulating properties, all versions were kept in use, because in addition to its use for building purposes they often serve also as acoustic boards, as they combine good heat and sound insulation with absorption properties. In any case lightweight wood-cement boards fall because of their ingredients into the category of natural and environmentally friendly products.

Raw material is conifer of domestic origin, from which wood wool is made, which by way of mineralization becomes difficult to combust, in its compact form it is held together by cement binder. Because of the entire production process wood fibres do not rot, they are resistant to insects and water absorption, but also neutral during installation in combination with other building materials and metals.


  • product from natural raw materials
  • excellent insulation against heat and cold
  • permanently durable material, having the same lifetime as the building, into which it was installed.
  • low weight
  • good mechanical and construction properties
  • good water vapour permeability
  • stable surface, suitable for application of all kinds of mineral plasters, mortars and concretes
  • neutral when installing building materials and metals
  • It protects in case of fire, as it acts as a protection from heat
  • boards of wood-cement wool 
  • boards are compatible with wooden constructions
  • sound insulation

Did you know?

The board Drvoterm DTO2 A2 - a three-layer construction board with a core of rock wool- belongs to the class of combustibility A2 - non-combustible material.

Reasons to buy

  • wide range of offers in respect to insulating core
  • simple processing during installation
  • resistance to chemical influences and insects,
  • suitable for skeletal construction, most of all for renovation of traditional buildings
  • the perfect grounding for classic lime-cement and clay plasters
  • grounding for wall heating
  • insulation for garage ceilings, suspended ceilings and noise barriers
  • for use in humid environments (stables etc.).
  • use for the purpose of decorative coatings in various colours
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