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The policy of integrated management system

Quality policy, protection of the environment and occupational health and safety as well as business conduct

In the Fragmat-Group quality, environmental management and employee health and safety are an integral part of the management of the group. Our strategic goals are focused on getting the satisfaction of our owners, customers, employees and of the environment in which we operate. We want to ensure the continued development of the companies, contribute to reducing energy consumption, improve our living environment, reduce the impact on nature and to maintain the health of our employees by providing safety at work. We are also aware of our social responsibility, and act therefore in accordance with applicable laws and the principles of human rights and labour relations. We are committed to the highest standards of business and ethical conduct.

The management system is based on the requirements of the international quality standard ISO 9001:2015, environmental management according to ISO 14001:2015 and Occupational Health and Safety ISO 45001:2018 .

Our basic principles are:

  • customers' satisfaction
    • providing products and services that meet customer requirements and to meet and exceed their expectations 
    • compliance of our acting with the expectations of our customers
  • quality of products and services
    • monitoring and confirming the quality of products, services, processes
    • targeted management of processes and measuring their effectiveness and efficiency
  • compliance with laws and regulations
    • compliance with the requirements for the product and the requirements imposed on it by valid legislature in the field of environment and environmental views, occupational health and safety, and with the regulations, to which we confirmed
    • compliance with the regulatory requirements in the field of human rights and labour law, and respect for the principles of the Code of Business Conduct of the Fragmat Group
  • reduction of environmental burdens
    • reduction of negative influence to the environment at all stages of the life cycle of our products,
    • efficient use of energy and natural resources, careful waste management,
    • training of personnel that by its behaviour influences quality, environmental management and occupational safety and health,
  • qualification and safety and health of the employees
    • regular training of personnel that by its behavior influences quality, environmental management and occupational safety and health,
    • providing a safe and friendly working environment.

The Fragmat-Group is committed to:

  • the expectations and requirements of our customers, products, employees and to the environment in which we operate,
  • meet the requirements of the laws and standards of quality, health and safety at work and environmental management,
  • encourage business and ethical conduct of the company and of all our suppliers, and sanction violations of such criteria,
  • guarantee high quality of our products and services, to reduce negative impact on the environment and protect the health of workers,
  • monitor the quality of our products and services,
  • measure the impact of our activities on the environment and the health of employees and make corrective actions based on these findings,
  • reduce the risk to an acceptable level with relevant planning and implementation of programs,
  • continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the enterprise, taking into account the needs and requirements of stakeholders, ensuring adequate resources and comply with the requirements of laws and regulations,
  • adopt a management policy in respect to the public and to make its content known to all in an appropriate manner to all employees, our customers, suppliers and to the persons working for us, or on our behalf,
  • adopt a policy management considered as a framework for setting objectives and targets, and to respect, implement and maintain it in all companies in the group.
The brand FRAGMAT, a concept of quality and tradition.
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By developing new programs and new technologies we have built up a successful brand.
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We operate in accordance with the guidelines of an established and certified management system.
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We are focused on mastering regulatory requirements and reducing our impact on the environment.
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