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We are proud to continue our success story, which began in 1937. With the development of new programs and new technologies we have built a successful brand in the field of waterproofing, thermal insulation, radiant heating and packaging.  

Fragmat successfully cooperates with domestic and foreign strategic buyers. Over the years we have built a long-term partnership with them, based on providing comprehensive care and on constantly focusing on their needs. Together with our partners we develop integrated solutions in the field of insulation. Fragmat is a name that is represented with enthusiasm and pride by all employees. We try to draw as near as possible to our customers, by providing them with steady quality, supported by all prescribed standards, by technical advice, width and depth of our assortment, friendly and accessible sales staff and flexible logistics.
The brand FRAGMAT, a concept of quality and tradition.
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By developing new programs and new technologies we have built up a successful brand.
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We operate in accordance with the guidelines of an established and certified management system.
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We are focused on mastering regulatory requirements and reducing our impact on the environment.
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