Radiant heating // Other components of radiant heating systems

For efficient operation of a panel heating system, it is necessary to choose reliable components that form a complete heating system, as well as high-quality system panels.


Pipe for radiant heating PE/XC

Pipe PE-XC has four layers (SD4+). It is made of a physically cross-linked polyethylene (PEHD-Xc) with a diffusion barrier of EVOH (ethyl-vinyl-alcohol) in accordance with DIN 16892/93 and DIN 4726. It is intended for radiant heating together with low-temperature radiators.

Multilayer pipe PE/Al/PE

Multilayer pipe PE/AL /PE, composed of PE, adhesive Al, adhesive, PE, is intended for floor, wall and ceiling heating or cooling. An aluminum layer without overlaps is welded on.

Pipe clip by hand

Pipe clip by hand is intended for further tightening of pipes for floor heating onto system panels and installation of pipes in a diagonal direction with respect to the grid of knobs; inserted by hand. Characteristics colour: black

Pipe clip by machine

Pipe clip by machine is intended for attaching pipes for underfloor heating system panels, using tools for insertion of pipe clamps (“tacker gun”). Characteristics colour: black

Manifold FRTS1

The stainless steel manifold FRTS1 is made of a feeding (control) distribution pipe with precise regulators-flow indicators (Regolux HSG – 0.5 l/min) and connectors, and a return (thermostatic) distribution pipe with thermostatic valves and accessories. Distribution pipes are on one side equipped with a terminal nut 1″, a ball valve 3/4″, a charging valve and … Continued

In-wall distribution box UPS

The in-wall distribution box UPS is made of galvanized sheet metal, doors and visible framework are white. The compact whole is put together before installation. It is suitable for installation in all types of walls (brick, concrete, plaster-cardboard walls) and for different sizes of distributors. If there is only one distributor in the box, we … Continued

Room thermostat

Room thermostat controlled by an electric drive of the valve for regulating the floor heating to the desired room air temperature. Temperature can be set in the range of 5 to 30 °C, operating voltage is 230 V. Characteristics voltage V: 230

Electric drive

Electric drive (of the head) of the valve for regulation of single loops of floor heating, use in conjunction with a room thermostat. The operating voltage is 230 V. Characteristics voltage V: 230