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Technical products

Automotive industry

Excellent energy absorption and complete alignment with form and space of the vehicles enable the use in bumpers, seats, headrests, arm restraints, pillars, floor, trunk, etc., due to the low weight they reduce vehicle weight at the same time.


Thermal insulation and properties, such as low weight, strength of the product, sound insulation provide protection for valves, heat exchangers, pumps, boiler assemblies, etc..


Material properties allow the use in the manufacture of personal protective equipment (helmets, child safety seats, sports equipment, etc.).

Products for the construction industry

Excellent insulating and mechanical characteristics and simple processing and design are the main advantages compared to other insulation materials in the construction industry.
The brand FRAGMAT, a concept of quality and tradition.
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By developing new programs and new technologies we have built up a successful brand.
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We operate in accordance with the guidelines of an established and certified management system.
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We are focused on mastering regulatory requirements and reducing our impact on the environment.
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